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BDF Digital is a 100% Italian company, with an ancient heart and rich in tradition.

Over 50 years of innovation and research in the world of industrial automation with brands recognised all over the world: TDE Macno and ECS. Today, thanks to the merger of the two historical Italian companies, TDE Macno, based in Vicenza, and ECS, based in Florence and Milan, BDF Digital is a point of reference on the market for the world of industrial automation and renewable energy.

Thanks to the company’s different but complementary divisions, we design, develop, manufacture and market servo drives, numerical controls (CNCs) and complete systems capable of meeting the customer’s specific needs in the field of industrial automation and renewable energy, while focusing on the simplification of processes and sustainability.

We make our know-how available to create quality and long-lasting partnerships. We support the customer from the pre-sales phase and, on request, we implement highly customised solutions designed according to the customer’s actual and specific needs.

With our products and solutions, we constantly seek maximum energy efficiency in industrial plants and in renewable energy in order to meet the challenges of the future, which will be increasingly digital, green and sustainable, and we want to offer high technology to those who want to build industrial innovation and value.


The search for maximum energy efficiency in industrial plants and machinery and in renewable energy is the key to meeting the challenges of the future, which will be increasingly digital, green and sustainable.

We want to offer high technology to those who want to build industrial innovation and value. We do this with state-of-the-art products and solutions to make production processes more sustainable, as we are fully aware of our ethical responsibility.

Valori azienda


It is because of our Values, which are integrated at all levels, that we are able to pursue our objectives and continuously strive to improve:

  • Freedom to express and suggest our own ideas and to take on new challenges is our strength.
  • Courage to take risks, Curiosity to discover new thing.
  • Passion for our work must be part of our everyday life.
  • Collaboration is an integral part of the company’s growth project; being a team and supporting one another.
  • Respect for the organisation and the environment, Loyalty between Collaborators, Customers and Suppliers are the basis of our relationships.
  • Quality in what we do and how we do it, questioning it continuously to strive for excellence.

These Values accompany us every day and respect our way of being and how we behave within and outside the company. They reflect our needs and aspirations and are the basis for corporate welfare, social sustainability and respect for the environment.



ECS (Electronic Control System) was founded,
one of the first Italian manufacturers of numerical controls (CNC) for machine tools.


Model 2001 (milling)


Models 2001-02 (turning)


Models 2401-2402


Series 800 (1801, 1802, 4801, 4802);
First Plasma cutting Model 1805


Series 901-902


First bending machine Model 904 (sheet metal bending)


First laser cutting machine Model 915


TDE MACNO acquired ECS



TDE Automazione was born


The BDF group Boscato & Dalla Fontana SpA founded in 1906, joined the team corporate


First control panel for glass machines


First inverter with analogue control


MACNO was born, specialized in the automation of manufacturing processes of stabilizers for plastic


First regenerative converter for energy recovery (AFE, FFE), First ISO 9002 certification


TDE incorporates MACNO and TDE MACNO was born


Design of Tokamak accelerator inspection system (commissioned by ENEA)


MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) authorised registration in the Register of Research Laboratories
Control system for injection moulding machines (PLC) VX 5000


Digital inverter OPD (first generation)


Digital inverter OPD (second generation)


Photovoltaic sector inverter certification IEC 016 / IEC 021



From the merger of ECS and TDE MACNO came BDF Digital S.p.A., active in the three divisions of Automation, Systems and Numerical Control.


Digital inverter OPDEplus (third generation)
UL and cUL certification (USA and Canada)
UL panel certification


With the synergy of the two divisions ECS and TDE Macno, BDF Digital was ready to launch new solutions for industrial automation and the CNC world on the market


BDF Digital doubles the working surface, renovating the offices and production environments.


The Energy division of BDF Digital designs and manufactures the first ESS – Energy Storage System: battery energy storage system capable of supplying 1MW – 2MWh.

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