Ongoing updates and development

All our products are designed and developed in Italy, adopting the latest technology capable of adding value to our production.

The Quality department at BDF Digital is always up to date on the most current regulations and is committed to pursuing the highest ethical and quality standards, embedded in the production of our products and processes to ensure continuous improvement.

All BDF Digital branded products are designed to ensure best performance and generate added value for our clients. With this in mind, we invest all our skills and energy in the entire process of designing, producing and supplying efficient and effective products and services, thus becoming a valuable touchstone in the industrial automation industry.

Our quality policy pills

  • People at the centre, involving them, enriching their skills and enhancing their self-sufficiency, including everybody who works within our organisation
  • Motivation that rewards the quality of work over the quantity of work.
  • The role of the team in fulfilling the various processes
  • Communication not just with the client but within the organisation itself, ensuring full awareness of each person’s role and the importance of each colleague’s work.
  • Ongoing research into new products, services and markets to promote the BDF DIGITAL brand at an international level
  • Continuous improvement to optimise our internal processes, increasing our company’s performance and competitiveness, involving our suppliers, too.

BDF Digital’s “smart” goals

  • To integrate the quality system with the company’s own management system, especially with regard to product cost analysis
  • To raise awareness among all internal personnel with regard to the quality of products, service and client satisfaction.
  • To optimise the product development process, acting at various organisational and logistic levels, focusing in particular on inspection and testing activities
  • To use the MES for company productivity
  • To actively manage the continued improvement of targeted projects, for example, process innovation through ICT, extending innovation to management techniques, etc.
  • To maintain a focus on suppliers and clients during their interactions with our internal processes.


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