We believe in sustainibility

We believe that, thanks to digital technologies, we can give intelligence and connectivity to our products, revolutionise your production processes and services, radically rethink and transform the manufacturing sector, and become a national and international “Solution Partner”.

Thanks to our 20 years of experience in the energy sector, we offer maximum energy efficiency in industrial plants and machinery and in renewable energy to meet the challenges of the future, which will be increasingly digital, green and sustainable.

We trust in people

We believe that sustainable development can only take place in a healthy, stimulating, productive workplace, based on respect for the internal organisation and for the surrounding environment.

BDF Digital believes it is a moral duty to contribute to the growth of the area where it operates; to do this, we have tried to develop, over the years, initiatives that have a positive impact on our territory: for years we have financed cultural events, including music weeks at the Teatro Olimpico, we take part in school/work alternation projects proposed by some schools in the area, and we are active at various universities in the Veneto region – and beyond – to host interns, promote projects and hold lectures.

We take responsibility for the people who work for our company, our customers, our suppliers, society, the market where we operate and, above all, the environment. For these reasons, we try to be transparent in our communication with all stakeholders and in our relations with all the different interlocutors.


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