A single servo drive suitable for all applications and types of electric motors.

Their integrated technology allows for the optimal control of: three-phase asynchronous motors (IM), permanent magnet synchronous servomotors (PMSM) – also taking full advantage of any anisotropy -, and synchronous reluctance motors (SynRM).

Equipped with integrated multifieldbus connectivity and a single universal connector to manage most feedbacks (Universal feedback).

Available in 2 versions:

  1. CM – CAN Multifeedback
  2. MM – Multibus Multifeedback

Choose your model to request information

Control unit: the standard vector control (FOC) is enhanced with a series of algorithms that optimise the operation of the drive coupled with any motor currently available on the market, by fully exploiting its torque with dedicated routines and over a wide speed range (defluxing).

Simple use: specific self-calibration routines, especially designed and differentiated to identify the electromechanical parameters of PMSM/IM/SynRM motors; they can be called up to facilitate drive commissioning.

Fieldbus MM: EtherCAT (NetX90), Profinet (NetX90), EtherNetIP (NetX90), TCP IP (NetX90)

Fieldbus CM: CanOpen

FeedbackFeedback sensor 1: Resolver (direct decode) integrated with DB9 conn, Hiperface (ST/MT), SinCos Incremental, SinCos Absolute, Every rotary EnDat 01/02/21/22 (with automatic parameters recognition) ST/MT, Every linear EnDat 01/02/21/22 (with automatic parameters recognition) ST/M, Biss-B/Biss-C (ST/MT), Tamagawa (ST/MT), TLL, TLL + Hall

Feedback – Feedback sensor 2: Resolver (direct decode), HiRes resolver (AD2s1210), SinCos Incremental, SinCos Absolute, Tamagawa (ST/MT), TLL, TLL + Hall, Hiperface DSL (ST/MT)

Connectivity/Supervision: Modbus RS485, Usb Type-C and Modbus TCP-IP (in MM version only)

Application software: the drive offers the user the possibility to choose from a complete catalogue of applications written in IEC 61131.3 language for industrial automation, easy to run and install, which quickly configure the drive for electrical axis operation, pressure/flow regulator, positioner (also interpolated), servo-diameter, spindle indexing, rotary and linear cutting, customised applications. On request, the Customer can write the entire application using the Logiclab 5 interface

Backward compatibility: it is always possible to install the drive in older systems in automations where interfacing via simulated encoders is required and/or where modern fieldbuses are lacking (e.g. using high-resolution analogue inputs, frequency input).

Supervision: full access to all configuration parameters is provided by the OPDexplorerPlus tool, which integrates specific utilities for diagnostics, monitoring, I/O configuration, built-in oscilloscope (4 traces, advanced triggers, etc…), quick wizard etc…

Our OPDEplus XS servo drive guarantees the best performance and simple use and can be used with many of the applications sought after on the market, in compliance with approved international Standards, such as:

  • CE (Europe)
  • UL and CSA (USA e Canada).

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