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Inductive line reactors are used as passive elements to reduce harmonics and load in the mains, also limiting disturbances that affect the mains supply, such as abrupt voltage variations and current peaks (phenomena that can significantly disturb electronic equipment).

Inductive line reactors are also useful for large energy consumers, which pay separately for active and reactive power, so savings in energy costs are possible thanks to this component.

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The available reactors are:


The output inductances on the motor side even out the symmetrical active current and the asymmetrical disturbance current and greatly attenuate the radiated disturbances of the supply line. By inserting a reactor between the drive and the motor, the service life of the insulations is increased and the typical losses and noise in the motor iron unit caused by harmonics are reduced.


Drives, understood as inverters, in addition to the damage they can cause to the motor, emit harmonics into the mains, which can disturb other equipment. By inserting another reactor between the mains and the drive, these harmonics are reduced, thus ensuring a linear waveform, a reduction in mains disturbances and a significant increase in the service life of semi-conductors.

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