AFEplus BF2

AFEplus BF2

The AFEPlus unit (Active Front End) is designed for a wide range of applications, ensuring exceptional energy savings; this is because it does not dissipate excess heat into the air, but it converts it into reusable energy that can be fed back into the grid. L’AFEplus is another product made by BDF Digital to help improve efficiency and productivity, in the spirit of innovating, saving money and protecting the environment to guarantee a better future.

Active Front End (AFE) is a controllable rectifier with several advantages, amongst which the bi-directional exchange of energy between DC and AC, as well as reusable regeneration energy in the grid to reduce energy costs. Energy can flow in both directions, depending on whether the entire drive system is motoring or regenerating.

In most applications, variable speed drives reduce energy consumption by combining the motor speed with the load itself. In fact, the drive must be able to dissipate energy to control the motor speed. This offers another opportunity to save energy by sending excess energy to a common DC bus or AC supply.


  • Energy savings
  • Reduction of harmonics thanks to the sinusoidal input current
  • Unitary or controllable input power factor
  • Elimination of conventional braking resistor, which allows for cost, space and energy savings
  • Constant DC bus voltage, which is not affected by mains voltage fluctuation
  • THD power factor adjustment (<5%)
  • PWM modulation to significantly reduce distinctive current peaks and to form the perfect sinusoidal wave of current

Possible areas of application:

  • Large inertial load applications: roving frames, horizontal spiral centrifuges, drills
  • 4-quadrant load applications: cranes, hoists, lifts
  • Applications requiring fast brake intervention times: machine tools, high speed spindles, bag production machines
  • Long-term energy return applications: wind plants and hydroelectric power plants
  • DC power applications: logistics and storage systems, wind plants
  • It provides excellent power quality
  • Bridge crane
  • Lifts

Our AFEplus BF2 servo drive guarantees the best performance and simple use and can be used with many of the applications sought after on the market, in compliance with approved international Standards, such as EC (Europe).

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