AFEplus Energy BF3

AFEplus Energy BF3

The AFEPlus Energy unit is designed to deliver exceptional energy savings in any application where energy needs to be returned to the grid.

The AFEPlus Energy is a product that offers solutions for sizes from a few kW up to several MW, with voltages from 400 VAC to 690 VAC.

The Active Front End (AFEPlus Energy) is a controllable rectifier with several advantages, including the bidirectional exchange of energy between DC and AC power via DC Bus voltage control. With an intelligent conversion system based on IGBT technology, the AFEPlus Energy provides a power exchange with the active power line only (cosФ close to one) while maintaining sinusoidal line currents. The active front-end is used to return excess energy to the grid and also to reduce harmonics in the grid current.

BDF Digital offers a wide range of Active Front End (AFEPlus Energy) inverter solutions for renewable energy applications in the fields of hydroelectric power, wind power and storage (BESS battery energy storage).

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  • Maximum efficiency: 98,85%
  • Effective and smooth integration of renewable sources
  • Exchange with the grid of active power only (no exchange of reactive components)
  • Sinusoidal line currents (low harmonic content)
  • Possibility of compensating inductive loads or capacity loads
  • Tailor-made solutions to meet specific customer requirements
  • High reliability even under harsh working conditions.

Type of user

  • Solar and wind farms
  • Energy producers
  • Distribution and transmission systems
  • Smart Microgrids

Control mode

  • AFE Grid Connected: the power converter regulates the DC link and keeps the AC voltage and current synchronised, with the possibility of varying P&Q (cosϕ)
  • AFE MicroGrid (Grid Following and Forming):In this operating mode, the converter operates in parallel with an existing AC grid, regulating the active and reactive current (power) fed into or drawn from the grid (Grid Following). ‘Grid-parallel’ operation can be achieved either by exploiting the droop control or certain peculiarities built into the control algorithm. The control incorporates a step machine that can autonomously manage the connection/disconnection to the AC source or the switch from microgrid to stand- alone operation (Grid forming mode) in the event of a blackout on the AC side and/or via fieldbus activation.
  • Off Grid/Microgrid
    • Grid forming and following
    • Black start
    • Ramp rate control
    • Power factor correction
    • Load e peak shaving
  • On Grid/ Grid Services
    • Voltage control and droop
    • Power factor control
    • Reactive Power (VAR)
    • Frequency regulation
    • Peak shaving
    • Load shifiting
    • Accurate and fast ramp rate control
    • Black start e UPS

Our AFEplus Energy BF3 servo drive guarantees the best performance and simple use and can be used with many of the applications sought after on the market, in compliance with approved international Standards, such as:

  • CEI 0-16
  • CEI 0-21

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