AHFPLUS – Active Harmonic Filter

AHFPLUS – Active Harmonic Filter

A filter designed to reduce harmonic distortions created by frequency converters.

AHFPlus guarantees sinusoidal current draw and a unit power factor from the grid, even in the presence of non-linear loads.

Harmonics are voltages and currents integrating frequency components which pollute the sinusoidal waveform in an AC circuit, distorting the main voltage. BDF Digital offers the possibility of resolving the unbalance with this innovative filter.

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  • Compensation of current harmonics of non-linear loads up to the 17th harmonic (depending on hardware size and application requirements)
  • Generation of reactive power and power factor control (cos θ ≃ 1)
  • Fast commissioning with plug and play features and easy parametrisation via the OPDExplorer software
  • Easily adaptable to existing installations, when harmonic distortion increases with the addition of non-linear loads
  • Simple maintenance, requiring less time and costs
  • Highly efficient and sturdy, for a long service life and low operating costs
  • Main voltage (L1, L2, L3) Voltage range 3 x 380-480 V AC
  • Current ratings sixes XL (40-48-60A), BF1-BF2-BF3 (from 70 to 510A)
  • Supply frequency 50/60 Hz ±2%
  • Compensation Harmonic mitigation 2nd to 17th order (with PWM standard) or Harmonic mitigation 2nd to 60th con PWM 60 kHz con IGBT in tecnologia SiC.
  • Power factor correction, Imbalance compensation

*Additional filter voltage and current ranges are available on request.

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