IEC 0-21 certified conversion system, to connect rotating machines to the power grid. 

The heart of the GE40 POWER BOX, is the GE40 POWER UNIT: the regenerative AC-AC unit with low electromagnetic interference emission that manages the energy exchange with the grid at cos Ф≃1 while maintaining sinusoidal line currents.

GE 40 Power Unit consists of the Active Front End (AFE) regenerative AC/DC converter that manages the energy exchange with the power grid. Moreover, with a smart conversion system based on IGBT technology, it provides power exchange with only the power line active (cosФ close to one) while maintaining sinusoidal line currents. Active Front End (AFE) technology allows for energy savings in all applications requiring the regeneration of energy to the grid.

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Our conversion system can be applied to all renewable energy plants: from wind turbines to hydro turbines, gas turbines and automation in general.

Speed or torque command and control of the generator

Inverter-controlled turbine start-up and possibility of on-the-fly coupling of the already rotating turbine

Dynamic grid connection management (STARTER function)

Return from parallel connection and on-the-fly resumption of the generator

Power factor correction, automatic line cosФ adjustment with AFE running

Management of excess energy and out-of-control plant thanks to electronic circuits and dissipative braking resistors

Control of generators in sensorlessFOC and defluxing mode

No-load safety system to be applied to the generator, for example when there is no grid due to maintenance or faults

Fieldbus: Profibus, Profinet, Modbus RTU, EtherCAT, CAN BUS

AFEplus 60A:

  • Vn [V ac] = 3 X 440 Vac
  • In [A ac] = 68,1
  • f = 50Hz/60Hz

Inverter 60A:

  • Vn [V ac] = 3PH 0-451V
  • In [A] = 68,1
  • Pv [kW] = 40,1

Our conversion board guarantees the best performance and ease of use and supports many of the applications required by the market in compliance with IEC 0-21 Standards.

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