ESS – Energy Storage System

ESS – Energy Storage System

Energy storage system to support the power grid in industrial applications.

The use of this type of systems ensures long-term economic and management advantages thanks to their backup, self-consumption optimisation and grid stabilisation functions.

This technology helps to improve the energy flow during each phase of the power transmission chain.

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BDF Digital’s ESS series is ideal for managing, converting and exploiting electrical energy or energy deriving from renewable sources (solar, hydroelectric, wind power, hydrogen) to charge external batteries.

The solution offered is modular and consists of a container divided into two parts:

  1. Static energy conversion – AFE Active Front End + DC/DC
  2. Control room – where the operator can directly manage the plant via a dedicated PLC.

Outdoor installation in container: urban suburbs, industrial areas, airport terminals

Modular powers: from 500 kW to 10 MW

Possibility of connecting several systems in parallel

Versatile: can be used in different areas of application

Easy installation

Peak shaving to reduce energy consumption peaks during peak periods. Excess energy is stored to meet peak demand without interrupting the supply grid.

Time shifting to store energy when it is produced in excess or when energy costs from the grid are lower and to use it later when energy costs from the grid are higher. In this case, the use of energy is not simultaneous with its production

Backup power: ensures greater energy autonomy and business continuity during supply interruptions

Container: 40 ft

PCS (Power Control System) + Power units integrated in the container

Pn = 1 [MW] and 2 [MWh] of energy amount

In = 2000 [A]

Udc= 550 ÷ 900 [V]

Overload capability: 110 % x 60 [s]

Conformity with IEC 0-16 Italian Grid Code

Our ESS (Energy Storage System) guarantees the best performance and ease of use and supports many of the applications required by the market in compliance with IEC 0-16 and IEC 0-21 Standards.

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